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Which bank is better to open a deposit

A deposit in a bank is the most familiar, clear and simple way of obtaining additional income. If we want to get the most out of our own savings, we look for the most profitable offers and choose, first of all, the deposit. The bank, its reputation and stability are usually of much less interest to us. However, looking for an answer to the question - in which bank is it better to put a deposit in the 2023 war year, we are already paying attention not only to the deposit rates, but also more carefully evaluating the bank itself, because in the conditions of a full-scale war, you want to be sure that at least your the money is safe.

According to what criteria to choose which bank to open a deposit

Today, for every depositor, there are two main and most important factors when choosing a bank for a deposit - it is the profitability of the deposit and the reliability of the bank. Unfortunately, usually these two criteria are mutually exclusive, and you have to decide what is more important to you.
Finding a deposit with the highest rates is quite easy, but how to identify reliable banks? If you choose which bank to put a deposit in, from the point of view of reliability, the easiest solution is to open a deposit in a foreign bank. However, such banks usually offer a rather low return on deposits, so we are looking for more attractive options, one of which is to place a deposit in a small bank with foreign capital, where the reliability is the same, but the rates are significantly higher. In this article, we will consider the criteria by which you can determine which bank is the best place to deposit money.


About the reliable Agroprosperis Bank


Which bank to choose for a deposit. We identify reliable banks

To determine which bank is the best to open a deposit, analyze the bank in which you are most interested in making a deposit according to the following indicators:

Actual owners of the bank

When determining which bank is the best place to deposit money, the first thing you need to know is who are the ultimate beneficiaries, that is, the owners of the chosen bank. Banks are obliged to disclose this information on their own website, and this data must also be posted on the website of the National Bank. Having identified these persons, find information about their activities and reputation and draw conclusions for yourself whether you are ready to trust them with your savings.

Credit rating of the bank

This rating is assigned to banks by specialized rating agencies and is an indication of the bank's creditworthiness and reliability. At the same time, rating agencies analyze the bank's financial statements, regulations and performance indicators, on the basis of which they draw conclusions about the level of its solvency and sustainability. If you are choosing which bank to put a deposit in, then the level of credit rating and rating reports of agencies are one of the most truthful assessments of the bank's stability by specialists. Banks usually post information about the credit rating on their website, and the rating agency must also publish data on assigning, updating and changing the credit rating.

Compliance with legislation

The National Bank publishes on its website information on fines imposed on banks for non-compliance with legal requirements. These can be violations of payment discipline, violations in the field of anti-money laundering, unethical behavior when working with debtors, etc. Agree, a deposit in a bank that violates the law is not the best choice.

Implementation of ratios

There are a number of mandatory economic ratios established by the National Bank that regulate the activities of banking institutions. They show capital adequacy, liquidity and asset quality. However, first of all, these standards were established taking into account peacetime conditions, and during the period of martial law, the regulator canceled measures of influence for their violation. And secondly, compliance with regulations does not guarantee stability and stability of the bank, and, on the contrary, their non-compliance does not necessarily indicate problems. Therefore, if you are choosing in which bank it is better to open a deposit, and the bank that suits you violated some of the regulations, this does not mean that it should not be considered.

Information about the bank on the Internet

Visit the official website of the bank, view its pages in social networks and on the main sites about banks, read publications about the bank in the mass media. Read what the bank writes about itself and its activities and check for recent publications. If you see regular news in which the bank informs about its achievements, about the launch of new products, promotions and other activities on the market, it means that the bank is working and developing.

Customer reviews

When choosing which bank is better to deposit money in, you should find out what its customers say about the bank. Especially if you still didn't know much about the bank in which you want to place a deposit. To do this, look at reviews about the financial institution on Google maps, on social networks and on the most popular sites about banks. Of course, all of us are more inclined to write negative reviews and take quality service as a given, so the real assessment of the bank and the level of its services will be a little higher.

A deposit at Agroprosperis Bank is reliable and profitable

At Agroprosperis Bank, depositors receive a high return on deposits combined with their high reliability. Agroprosperis Bank is a bank with 100% foreign capital of the USA and Europe, whose investor NCH Capital has been managing long-term investments in the amount of more than 3 billion dollars for 30 years. USA in 10 countries around the world.
The bank regularly confirms the credit rating at the investment level of uaAA, which characterizes very high creditworthiness, and constantly complies with all regulatory regulations and legal requirements.
According to the results of the 2022 military year, the bank's assets increased by 21% to UAH 2.68 billion, and the amount of deposits of individuals in the bank increased by 81% to UAH 720 million.
So, if you are choosing which bank is better to open a deposit, Agroprosperis Bank is a smart decision.


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