Агропросперис Банк Головний офіс Agroprosperis Bank
27-Т (літ. А), вулиця Дегтярівська 04119 Київ, Україна
Телефон:+38 044 392 93 91
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for farmers with 100 ha of processed land or more
time-to-money – up to 7 days
secured by crop receipts
no collateral valuation and insurance


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Loan programs to farmers                                                                                         

Loan Amount Term Collateral
AP Express
Money fast. Desicion in 2 days

up to UAH 1.5 million 

or USD equivalent

up to 12 months

unsecured or secured loan

(depending on financial position)

AP Harvest
Financing for your sowing campaign

up to USD 600,000

or UAH equivalent

up to 18 months

financial crop receipt,

farming equipment

AP Promissory Note
Promissory note avalization. From 1.5%

up to USD 600,000

or UAH equivalent

up to 18 months

financial crop receipt,

farming equipment

AP Invest
Purchasing of new and used farming equipment

up to USD 600,000

or UAH equivalent

up to 7 years

purchased farming equipment,

financial crop receipt


Partnership Programs



Crop receipts


EU4Business initiative

For the third year Agroprosperis Bank has been a partner of the European Fund for South-Eastern Europe (EFSE) in the framework of the European Union's EU4Business initiative, aimed at providing micro and small enterprises with local currency financing to their support liquidity and business development.

State support programs

Having received financing from Agroprosperis Bank, you are entitled to partial state compensation for interest on the loan or the cost of agricultural machinery, as we are authorized by the bank to implement the state program to support agricultural producers. Also in Agroprosperis Bank you can apply for a soft loan or refinancing under the terms of the state program "Available loans 5-7-9%".


Benefits for farmers

Agroprosperis Bank specializes in lending to agricultural producers. Bank’s investor NCH Capital Bank (USA) has built a successful agribusiness in Ukraine, presented under the brand Agroprosperis, which cultivates more than 300,000 ha and exports more than 3 million tons of crops annually.

With access to investor’s successful experience and unique IT tools, Agroprosperis Bank fully understands agribusiness and offers its customers: 

  • Financing secured by crop receipts
  • No collateral evaluation and insurance
  • Simplified evaluation procedure and quick decision making
  • Flexible repayment schedule according to the season and market conditions
  • Consultations on agritechnology, production and commercial issues and additional growth opportunities through cooperation with Agroprosperis
  • Responsible lending, when the loan amount depends on the feasibility of the farm and the client's ability to repay the loan.


How to apply

List of documents to apply for the loan:

  • Loan application form
  • Financial documents of the borrower and related parties: balance sheet, financial statements, statistical forms 50СГ, 29СГ
  • Charter and registration documents of the borrower, guarantor, mortgagor
  • Documents confirming the ownership of land on which the crop will be grown (for crop receipts)
  • Crop plan

Our borrower: 

  • cultivates 100 hectares of land or more
  • grows wheat, corn, sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans
  • has experience of 3 agricultural cycles or more
  • operates in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Poltava, Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Ternopil, Lviv, Rivne or Volyn regions.