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JSC "AGROPROSPERIS BANK" highly values its reputation as a reliable and transparent financial institution and adheres to the highest standards of compliance-requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine and market standards, rules of fair competition, corporate ethics and prevention conflict of interest.

For this purpose, the Bank has introduced a compliance risk management system, which is carried out on three lines of protection and ensures the minimization of the probability of occurrence of events that may negatively affect the results of the Bank's activities and prevent the involvement of employees in illegal activities.


Code of corporate ethics JSC "AGROPROSPERIS BANK"

Conflict of interest prevention policy at AGROPROSPERIS BANK JSC


Employees of JSC "AGROPROSPERIS BANK" in carrying out their activities ensure the management of conflicts of interest, taking into account the need to prevent situations when their actions and the actions of their close persons conflict between their personal interests and official duties, which affect the conscientious performance of their powers.

If you become aware of the facts of improper actions of employees of our Bank, or actions with their participation, such as: improper behavior of employees of the Bank, which may harm the Bank or its reputation, in particular, fraud or corruption in the Bank, abuse of gifts, use of official position in personal interests or interests of third parties, illegal disclosure of banking and/or commercial secrets, as well as attempts to commit such actions, we ask you to report the facts of violations known to you in any of the ways listed below:

  • to the postal address: 03124, Blvd. V. Havela, 6, building 3, Compliance Department;
  • to the e-mail box of the Compliance Department - compliance@ap-bank.com;
  • through the Feedback form on the topic "Notification of improper actions".


Each message will be treated with the confidentiality of your request.

When making a request, it is possible to send a message anonymously, but if you leave your contact information, it will allow us to contact you if necessary to clarify the data for the purpose of a more thorough investigation of compliance incidents.

We draw your attention to the fact that complaints about the quality of service at AGROPROSPERIS BANK JSC do not belong to compliance-risk incidents, and are accepted through the Feedback form on the topic "Quality of service" or by calling the support numbers indicated in the "Contacts" section of the Bank's website.

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