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The National Bank of Ukraine gave individuals the right to purchase currency from the bank in non-cash form in case of its subsequent placement on deposit. You can profitably buy foreign currency for deposit and place a foreign currency deposit at high interest rates at Agroprosperis Bank. 


Advantages for you:

▪ You buy currency at a rate that is better than the market rate;

▪ You protect your money in a reliable currency in a reliable bank;

▪ You receive a guaranteed deposit income at an attractive rate.


Choose the best deposit terms for you and calculate your income in the deposit calculator on our website on the page Deposits for individuals in USD.


What is the exchange rate?

If you plan to buy a dollar, the exchange rate will be calculated as follows (as of May 4, 2023):

The official exchange rate of UAH to USD, fixed by the National Bank of Ukraine from 07/21/2022, is UAH 36.5686 for 1 USD.

Cash dollar, the average buy rate in banks is UAH 37.85 for 1 dollar.

Your favorable exchange rate for buying a dollar for a deposit is 36.9343 UAH for 1 USD (NBU exchange rate 36.5686 + 1%).

So, if you exchange UAH 100,000, you will receive 100,000/36.9343 = USD 2,707.51.

The commission for buying and selling currency from 04.05.2023 for new accounts is 1.5% and is equal to 100,000*1.5% = UAH 1500.

If you buy a cash dollar, you will receive 100000/37.85 = USD 2642.

That is, your immediate profit is equal to 25 USD, including the commission for the purchase of currency of 1500 UAH, and by placing a deposit in dollars, your additional income will be another 10 dollars.

When buying euros for a deposit, you will receive a little less and deposit rates in euros are traditionally lower than in dollars, so most prefer the USD.


How to exchange currency at a favorable rate?

You can exchange no more than UAH 100,000 per month. The money must be credited to the deposit for a period of 3 months, which does not provide for the possibility of termination before the end of the term of the deposit. You can exchange funds and open a currency deposit at any bank branch. Currency purchase in online-banking is not available.


What are the highest rates for currency deposits?

At Agroprosperis Bank, you can buy currency and place a deposit in USD or EUR. A foreign currency deposit for 3 months will bring you from 0.5% to 1.5% p.a. If you place a deposit for 18 or 24 months you can get up to 2.25% p.a.


How to get foreign currency in cash?

Immediately after the deposit expires, you can dispose of money in the currency of the deposit and accrued nterest, in particular, receive currency in cash up to UAH 100,000 equivalent per day. Withdrawals from the deposit account are free.


How are foreign currency deposits guaranteed?

Foreign currency deposits are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the same way as hryvnia deposits. Reimbursement of foreign currency deposits is made in hryvnias at the official exchange rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine. During martial law and within 3 months after it, the Fund is obliged to reimburse each depositor in the full amount of his deposit, including interest, and after that - in the amount of UAH 600,000.


Buying foreign currency for deposit in Agroprosperis Bank is a double benefit for you, because with us you can exchange currency at a low rate and place a deposit in foreign currency at high rates. This decision will help reduce currency and inflation risks, because you will keep money in a reliable currency in a reliable bank with 100% international capital of the USA and Europe.

Buying currency in a non-cash form not only protects your savings, but also helps the economy of Ukraine - in this way, the demand for cash currency decreases, and therefore the pressure on the cash exchange rate.


Deposits for individuals in USD

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