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E-limit is an electronic limit within which individuals can transfer foreign currency or hryvnias abroad or to current accounts of non-resident legal entities opened in Ukraine to fulfill their obligations towards a non-resident under a life insurance contract, to make investments abroad, placement of funds on one's own account outside Ukraine.

How much  money can you transfer within e-limit?

An individual can transfer foreign currency abroad for a total amount of e-limit up to EUR 200,000 (equivalent) during the calendar year.

How to issue an e-limit?

To make an individual e-limit, contact the bank where you have an existing account or plan to open a new account in UAH and the currency of the planned transaction, and provide a package of documents. The bank will check the documents and submit them to the National Bank of Ukraine, after which the Bank will inform you about the decision to make an e-limit transfer.

What documents do you need to provide?

To transfer money within the e-limit, provide the following documents to the bank:

  • a declaration of property and income with a mark from the Tax Office or a certificate from the Tax Office on income received and taxes paid (it is not necessary to submit in the case of a transaction in the amount of up to UAH 400,000);
  • copies of the original documents confirming the purpose of the transfer from Ukraine: contract, invoice and / or other documents used in international practice (it is not necessary to provide in the case of a resident's placement of funds in his account outside Ukraine).

When evaluating the operation, the Bank has the right to request additional documents (information) in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Where to apply for an e-limit?

Please contact your branch. The telephone numbers of the bank's branches are listed in the Branches and ATMs section.

What is the term of registration and validity of the e-limit?

The Bank considers and submits documents to the NBU within one working day of their receipt. The NBU decides to approve the e-limit within one working day from the date of notification. The e-limit is valid for no later than the next working day after receiving approval from the NBU.

What is the cost of registration / cancellation of the e-limit?

The cost of registration is included in the tariff for the transfer from the account outside the Bank, which you can find out in the section Payments for individuals.

Which transfers are prohibited within the e-limit?

There are certain restrictions on transactions carried out within the e-limit and related to risky countries, the aggressor country, as well as countries that do not comply with FATF recommendations (hereinafter - risky countries), namely: it is forbidden to transfer foreign currency to their own accounts in risky countries and make investments abroad, if the object of investment and / or the non-resident seller of this object has a registration / location in risky countries.