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100% foreign capital of USA and Europe
100% foreign capital of USA and Europe
highest deposit security rating
highest deposit security rating
favorable interest rates
favorable interest rates
1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 18 mos 24 mos Minimum deposit
15% 16.5% 17.5% 18% 18.5% 17% 17% 15000 UAH

Interest Payment - at the end of the term

Replenishment - No

Partial withdrawal - No

Early termination - No

1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 18 mos 24 mos Minimum deposit
15% 16.5% 17.5% 18% 18.5% 17% 17% 1000 UAH

Interest Payment - monthly

Replenishment - No

Partial withdrawal - No

Early termination - No

1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 18 mos 24 mos Minimum deposit
14.5% 16% 17% 17.5% 18% 16.5% 16.5% 15000 UAH

Interest Payment - monthly

Replenishment - No

Partial withdrawal - No

Early termination - No

Contribution to Victory
1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 18 mos 24 mos Minimum deposit
14% 15% 16.5% 17% 17.5% 16% 16% 1000 UAH

Charity deposit to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Interest Payment - in advance

Replenishment - No

Partial withdrawal - No

Early termination - No

1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 18 mos 24 mos Minimum deposit
15.5% 16.5% 17% 17.5% 16% 16% 5000 UAH

Interest Payment - monthly capitalization

Replenishment - Yes

Partial withdrawal - No

Early termination - No

1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 18 mos 24 mos Minimum deposit
15% 16% 16.5% 17% 15.5% 15.5% 15000 UAH

Interest Payment - at the end of the term

Replenishment - Yes

Partial withdrawal - No

Early termination - Yes

1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 18 mos 24 mos Minimum deposit
8% 3000 UAH

Interest Payment - at the end of the term

Replenishment - Yes

Partial withdrawal - Yes

Early termination - Yes

Additional information

Interest rates

Rules and terms on banking services


Promotional program

Additional 0.5% to the interest rate will be given to new clients of the bank who place a "Classic" or "Classic+" deposit in hryvnias between October 18, 2022 and December 31, 2022, inclusive, in Branch No. 5 on 4, R. Okipnoi, Str.

Conditions of the promotional program


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Deposit calculator
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Choose deposit
    Calculation results

    The calculations given in the calculator are approximate and take into account that there are always 365 days in a year and 30.3 days in a month.

    The amount of taxes is 19.5% of the amount of accrued interest, of which 18% is a personal income tax, 1.5% is a military levy.

    Services for which the fee is set in accordance with the bank's tariffs are not mandatory when placing and returning the deposit and interest.


    Recomendations on security of online payments and card transactions

    Recommendations on avoiding cases of increased risk of losses for the user of a bank payment card

    Recommendations for detecting phishing websites

    Recommendations for the safe use of remote banking systems


    We draw your attention to the need to inform the Bank immediately:

    • about the loss of a bank payment card

    In case of loss or withdrawal of the card during the transaction, as well as in case the PIN code of the card became known to another person, the Client is obliged, as soon as possible, to inform the Bank about this and to block the operation of the card by 24-hour telephone numbers:
    0-800-505-555 (toll-free in Ukraine) and 044-290-93-10 (Customer Service Center). Verbal notification must be confirmed by a written statement addressed to the Bank.

    • about unauthorized access or change of client information in remote service systems

    In the event of unauthorized access to your account in the AP Bank SDBO, or in the event of the possibility of such unauthorized access, or if you notice a change in the information in the AP Bank SDBO (personal data, information about the services/products registered with the bank, accounts and balances of funds made operations, etc.), in case of loss of a financial phone number (SIM card) or a mobile phone with a financial number, contact the Bank's technical support for users at the phone number 0 800 300 170 (toll-free in Ukraine) or +38 (044) 392 93 73

    • about detected phishing websites or received information of similar content

    If you received an e-mail (including from any address of the Bank) with a request to notify or confirm your login or password - do not respond to the request. Remember, the Bank never asks for such user data regarding login and password. Call the Bank's user technical support service at 0 800 300 170 (toll-free in Ukraine) or +38 (044) 392 93 73 and report the incident.
    Always perform a visual check of the site's domain name to ensure that it is an official and not a phishing page of attackers using the guidelines for detecting phishing websites.
    Currently, JSC "AGROPROSPERIS BANK" has the following official websites:
    https://ap-bank.com/ - the official website of the Bank;
    https://online.ap-bank.com/ - the official website of the Bank for access to the remote banking system of AP Bank.

    If you detect a phishing site, call the technical support service for users of the Bank at phone number 0 800 300 170 (toll-free in Ukraine) or +38 (044) 392 93 73 and report it.

    Where to get acquainted with the terms of banking services

    You can get acquainted with the Rules and Conditions of Provision of Banking Services for Individual Clients, the agreement on joining the Agreement on Comprehensive Banking Services for Individuals and the Application for a certain type of service (deposit placement, current account opening, card account opening) in the Public Proposal section or in a bank branch.

    What documents are required to open a deposit

    Visit the bank branch at the operating time (time of serving customers in the office) and take with you the original documents required to open a deposit:

    • passport or a document that replaces it
    • for residents – a certificate of assignment of the registration number of the taxpayer's account card
    • for pensioners to receive an increased rate for Classic+ and Classic deposits – pension certificate
    • for individuals engaged in independent professional activity – a copy of the document confirming the registration of such a person by the supervisory authority
    • when placing a deposit (deposits) for a total amount of UAH 400,000 or if the depositor is a politically significant person, a member of his / her family or a person related to a politically significant person - documents confirming the sources of his / her income.

    How to place funds on deposit

    Deposit in cash at the cash desk of Agroprosperis Bank or transfer non-cash to your current or card account within five banking days from the date of opening the deposit. As soon as you deposit the required amount of funds to the account, the funds are credited to the deposit.

    When planning a cash deposit transaction, find out in advance the bank's opening hours, and in the case of non-cash transfers, the bank's operating hours during which the bank performs customer transactions. This information is available in the Hour of operation section.

    How to open a deposit online

    If you have a current or a card account with Agroprosperis Bank, you can register in AP Bank's online banking and open a deposit in just a few clicks. You can place a deposit in those currencies in which you have open accounts with Agroprosperis Bank. Read more on the online banking page.

    How to get interest on a deposit

    Choose a convenient way to get interest on the deposit:

    • on the deposit card or Mriya Card with Agroprosperis Bank. You can free of charge withdraw money from the card in any ATM in Ukraine. 
    • to the current account. You can receive funds from the current account in cash through the cash desk of Agroprosperis Bank.

    With the AP Bank online banking you can view the current balance and the payment of interest on the deposit, as well as to replenish the deposit or change the terms of extension. In addition, in online banking you can open new deposits in a few clicks.

    How is the interest on the deposit taxed

    According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, personal income tax of 18% is deducted from the amount of accrued interest on the deposit and an additional military tax of 1.5% of the accrued interest is withheld. You can calculate the amount of accrued interest on the deposit before and after tax in the Deposit Calculator.

    What are the conditions for replenishing deposits

    The Capital, Flexible and Savings deposits provide the possibility of replenishment. The amount of one replenishment may not be less than the minimum deposit amount for the selected deposit, and the maximum amount of the total replenishment for the entire period is determined by the Terms and Conditions of banking services for individual clients.

    Do usual and promotional deposits provide for the extension

    Prolongation or extension of the deposit for a new term is automatic, except for the Capital deposit, which do not provide for prolongation. The deposit is extended for the same period for which you issued it, with the interest rate that is valid in the bank on this deposit at the time of the extension.

    For promotional deposits "New Year's offer" and "Promotional deposit" from 04.04.2022 one-time automatic prolongation of the deposit in case of its validity will be carried out at the current rates of the deposit "Online" for the same currency and term.

    How to refuse the deposit extension

    You can refuse the extension when placing the deposit and during the entire term of the deposit. Refusal to extend or renew the extension is carried out by submitting a written application to the bank branch.

    At the time of quarantine measures, the bank accepts a written application for prolongation or refusal to extend the deposit, which is sent to the bank's email address bank@ap-bank.com in scanned form or through the feedback form on the bank's website. The application must be signed by the client himself and must contain data for the identification of the client, as well as the information about the bank deposit agreement to which this application relates (number, date of the agreement).

    An application for cancellation of the extension or renewal of the extension of the deposit must be submitted to the bank no later than the day before the expiration date of the deposit.

    Is it possible to early terminate the deposit

    The Flexible and Savings deposits provide the possibility of early termination of the deposit agreement and refund. In case of early termination of these deposits, the amount of accrued interest is transferred at the penalty interest rate set by the bank on the date of deposit and specified in the Application for opening a deposit account and placing a bank deposit on the day of deposit return for the period from the date of placement or from the date of the last extension. There is currently no penalty interest rate on the Savings Deposit.

    Early termination of the deposit Flexible is allowed if at least two months have passed since the placement of the deposit. Early termination of the Savings Deposit is allowed if at least ten working days have passed since the Deposit was placed.

    For early termination of the contract and refund, submit a written application to the bank at least ten days before the date of termination. The funds will be refunded on the day of application to the Bank after submission of the application.

    How to receive the deposit and accrued interest

    On the day of completion or early termination of the deposit, you can receive the deposit amount and accrued interest on your current or card account.

    How deposits are guaranteed during martial law

    During the martial law in Ukraine and three months from the date of termination or cancellation of martial law in Ukraine, the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund shall reimburse each depositor of the bank the full deposit amount, including interest accrued at the end of the day preceding the day of the bank's withdrawal from the market.

    Three months after the termination or cancelation of martial law, the guaranteed amount of deposits will be UAH 600,000.

    Any questions?

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