About the Bank

Agroprosperis Bank is a bank with 100% foreign capital.

The bank's investor is NCH Capital (USA), which since 1993 has managed investments of more than $ 3 billion through 11 representative offices around the world. Having a successful long-term experience in agribusiness, NCH Capital in 2015 to support and develop the agriculture of Ukraine created Agroprosperis Bank, specializing in financing small and medium-sized agricultural producers - the only bank for farmers in Ukraine.

Agroprosperis Bank was the first bank lending to farmers in Ukraine, to begin systematically lending to small farmers with a land area of ​​up to 300 hectares and issuing funds for agricultural receipts, providing more than UAH 1 billion for 5 years as collateral for this innovative instrument. Thanks to a deep understanding of the needs of the agricultural sector, the bank offers fast, progressive and responsible lending to farmers in Ukraine.

In 2017, Agroprosperis Bank started providing services for small and medium-sized businesses in other industries and attracting deposits from individuals. The bank offers its depositors favorable savings conditions combined with reliability, provided by the investments in agriculture – the most stable and profitable sector of Ukraine's economy.

Agroprosperis Bank regularly confirms its credit rating at the investment level uaAA and the highest rating of reliability of deposits ua1 on a national scale, and is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

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