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You always have enough money with a credit limit from Agroprosperis Bank. No need to wait - buy the things you need now and return them later. Convenient credit limit for your profitable purchases!

Credit limit


Advantages of a credit limit


  • Up to 62 days grace period

  • Constantly revolving limit

  • No commission for account opening and maintenance

  • No commission for setting the limit

  • No commission for cashless payments in the retail network and the Internet

  • No additional documents, only passport and personal identification number




Credit limit conditions


Currency UAH
Term 12 months with the possibility of extension
Credit limit amount

from UAH 0 up to UAH 300,000

up to UAH 500,000 for clients  who are serviced within the framework of the Prosperity service package

Grace period up to 62 days
Interest rate in the grace period 0.0001% per annum
Interest rate after grace period 30% per annum (2.5% per month)
Establishing a credit limit without commission
Payment at points of sale and online with credit funds without commission


Warning when using the credit limit

Possible consequences for the Client in case of using the banking service or non-fulfillment of obligations under the agreement on the provision of this banking service:
- accepting the terms of the public offer on the rules and conditions of banking services (hereinafter - the Agreement) for Customers - individuals and the terms of the bank account agreement, transactions which may be carried out using electronic means of payment, the Client undertakes to pay for relevant banking services Bank's tariffs;
- when obtaining a loan from the borrower there are costs in the form of interest, commissions and other payments for the Bank's services, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement;
- in case of late repayment of credit debt or other violations of the terms of the Agreement, the borrower may be subject to penalties in accordance with the terms of the Agreement;
- in case of improper fulfillment by the borrower of its obligations under the terms of the Agreement, the Bank has the right to apply to the relevant state authorities in order to meet its requirements, including compulsorily;
- term of credit limit (credit) - 12 months. In this case, the term of the loan is extended for every next 12 months, if at least 15 calendar days before the expiration date of the loan the Bank does not notify the Client of the termination of the loan;
- The Client has the right to withdraw from the Agreement without explanation within 14 calendar days from the date of the agreement, which the Client notifies the Bank in writing. If the Client submits the notice not in person, it must be notarized or submitted and signed by a representative with a power of attorney to perform such actions. Within seven calendar days from the date of submission of the written notice of withdrawal from the Agreement, the Client is obliged to return to the Bank the funds received under the Agreement and pay interest for the period from the date of receipt to the date of return at the rate specified in the Agreement;
- The Client has the right to terminate or terminate the Agreement by early full repayment of the loan. Any penalties in case of early (full or partial) repayment of the loan are not accrued and are not paid;
- The Client has the right to repay the Loan in full or in part at any time, including by increasing the amount of the Mandatory Minimum Payment, and to pay interest for the use of the Loan for the period of actual use of the Loan;
- information about the Borrower may be provided to the Bureau of Credit Histories, Credit Register;
- in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement and in cases specified in the terms of the Agreement, the Bank has the right to suspend (temporarily) all or some operations on and / or block the card, refuse to serve the Client;

The Bank is prohibited from requiring the Client to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or related person as a mandatory condition for the provision of these services (except for the provision of a package of banking services).

The Bank has no right to amend the agreements concluded with the Clients unilaterally, unless otherwise provided by the Agreement or the law.
The Bank's clients have the right to refuse to receive advertising materials by means of remote communication channels.


How to open a credit limit?

You can issue a credit limit if you have at Agroprosperis Bank:

  • medium-term deposit with no right of early termination
  • you pay regularly with the Mriya card and/or have a minimum balance on current accounts
  • employee card within the salary project.

To open a credit limit, leave an Application and we will call you, or contact the branch of the bank where you are served. The limit can be set on any Agroprosperis Bank card issued after December 1, 2021.

Have a deposit but no Mriya card? Get a Mriya card and experience the benefits of a credit card with interest on the balance. With it, you simultaneously have available credit funds with a grace period of up to 62 days and receive up to 8% on daily balances of your own funds in the account. Double the convenience, double the benefit!

The procedure of settlement of overdue debts

Conditions for starting activities related to the settlement of overdue debt and/or assignment of the right of claim

JSC "AGROPROSPERIS BANK" (hereinafter referred to as the creditor or the Bank) can start settlement of overdue debt from the first day of the borrower's delay in payment of the next loan payment. For this purpose, the Bank can use the following communication channels:

  • SMS messages, electronic and paper letters;
  • means of telephone communication;
  • personal meetings with the client.

Debt settlement can be carried out by:

  • pre-trial settlement of debt (including through voluntary repayment of debt and/or sale of property by the borrower);
  • forced collection of debt through out-of-court and judicial settlement tools (in the case of the borrower's refusal to cooperate and/or lack of funds to repay the debt). These instruments include settlement of debt in court, during executive proceedings, in bankruptcy proceedings, other compulsory settlement measures not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine, acquisition of the Bank's property of the pledged and other property of the borrower, property guarantor at the expense of repayment of the borrower's debt, as well as sale of debt/ assignment of the right of claim under the consumer credit agreement to a new creditor.

Assignment of the right of claim under the consumer credit agreement to a new creditor may be applied by the Bank in the following cases:

  • the delay in repayment of the debt under the consumer credit agreement is more than 30 days;
  • the borrower's violation of the terms of the consumer credit agreement, which the debtor refuses to eliminate from his side;
  • submission of false or incomplete information to the Bank before or after receiving the loan;
  • in other cases that do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine and give the Bank the right, in accordance with the terms of the consumer credit agreement, to demand full early repayment of the loan.


The procedure for assigning the right of claim under a consumer credit agreement to a new creditor

Currently, the Bank does not transfer its creditor rights to another person.


The procedure and method of repayment of overdue debt

The order and sequence of debt repayment is carried out in accordance with the terms of the credit agreement. You can repay the debt in one of the following ways:

  • using internet banking and/or the Bank's mobile application;
  • in the Bank Branch;
  • transfer according to the details specified in the credit agreement.


The procedure for the bank's interaction with consumers and other persons in the settlement of overdue debts

Requirements for the creditor, the new creditor, the collection company and their activities when settling the overdue debt

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