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How to open a deposit? Procedure and required documents

If you have free funds and want to keep them, then a simple and logical solution is to open a deposit in a bank. A deposit is a familiar way of earning additional income with your own funds, which has not lost its popularity for decades, even a child can explain what a deposit is. Deposits in banks entice with the ease of registration, the guarantee of the deposit, the clarity of the amount of income and the date of its receipt. After you have decided in which bank it is better to open a deposit, and have chosen the best deposit for yourself, all that remains is to place funds and receive income. In this article, we will consider the process of opening a deposit and the documents required for this, as well as the nuances that you should pay attention to when making a deposit.


Read the terms of the deposit and the deposit agreement

Before opening a deposit, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the deposit on the bank's website in detail and calculate your income from the deposit using the deposit calculator. Also think about how you want to receive interest on the deposit, and look at the rates you need. The most convenient way to receive interest on deposits is to a bank card. In Agroprosperis Bank, you can choose a deposit card or a Mriya card with interest on the balance, which will allow you to receive up to 11% per annum on your deposit interest.
The next, no less important step is to review the terms of service for individuals at the bank and the forms of documents that you will sign at the branch - this is an agreement with the bank and an application for placing a deposit and opening a card account, on which you will receive interest on the deposit . A link to these documents must be placed on the bank's website on the page with the terms of the deposit.
When you are already making a deposit at the branch, before signing the documents, read them carefully again and check whether the interest rate and the date of deposit placement are correct. Also ask the manager to calculate the amount of your income on the deposit and specify the rates for operations on the card, on which you will receive interest on the deposit.


What documents are needed to open a deposit

If you are not yet a client of the bank and plan to make a deposit, the bank is obliged to carry out the initial identification of your identity. To do this, you must provide the manager with the original documents:

  • Passport;
  • Taxpayer code;
  • Pension certificate (to receive a deposit bonus);
  • Document on the registration of a person carrying out independent professional activities (if any);
  • Documents confirming the sources of origin of funds (if necessary).

In most cases, for identification, it is enough to present an internal or international passport of a citizen of Ukraine and a taxpayer code, if information about it or about refusing it is not included in the passport. You can also go through identification by e-passport through the Diya service with the obligatory provision of a 13-digit code placed on the back of the document under the barcode, and confirmation of the provision of copies of digital documents to the bank through the application.
If you are a pensioner and plan to place a deposit with a bonus for pensioners, be sure to take your pension certificate with you. At Agroprosperis Bank, upon presentation of a pension certificate, you can increase your deposit interest by 0.25% on Classic and Classic+ deposits.
If you are an independent professional, the bank will ask you to provide a copy of the document confirming the registration of such a person by the regulatory authority.
The process of initial identification of a depositor takes from 30 minutes, please take this into account when planning your visit. This verification takes place once at the first contact with the bank, in the future you will be able to place deposits in a few minutes.


Sources of origin of funds placed on deposit

It is important to remember that the bank is obliged to check the sources of origin of funds that you plan to place on deposit in the following cases:

  • If you want to open a deposit or deposits for a total amount of over UAH 400,000;
  • If you are a politically exposed person or a member of their family or are related to this person.

Documents confirming the sources of origin of funds, in particular, include:

  • Certificate of salary;
  • Documents confirming income from the sale of property;
  • Copy of tax return;
  • Statements from bank accounts.


Where can I place a deposit

Find out on the bank's website whether a new client can be identified and place a deposit online without visiting a branch. To do this, the bank can offer identity verification through the Diya application, remote identification by video call or providing scanned copies of documents through the bank application. Among regular customers of banks, online deposit placement is very popular, and each bank offers such an opportunity to its depositors. Online banking is a convenient tool where a client can open a deposit in a bank online, set or cancel bank extension of the deposit, check the payment of interest and dispose of them.
However, a deposit is, first of all, the depositor's trust in the bank, and in the case of new customers and the first contact with the bank, the majority still prefer to visit and see the bank they trust with deposits at least once. On the website of each bank, a map of all branches where you can place a deposit is necessarily posted, and you can also contact the bank's hotline for information.
Before visiting the branch, be sure to find out on the website or by calling the bank the customer service mode in the selected branch. Also pay attention not only to the address of the branch, but also to its direct location on the map in order to find it quickly, easily and without incident.


How to transfer funds to a deposit

It is not necessary to place money on deposit on the day the deposit is made. You can credit funds within 5 banking days either through the bank's cash desk or by transfer to a deposit account. Interest on the deposit will begin to accrue the next day after the receipt of funds.

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