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What is RNOKPP and how does it differ from TIN

The registration number of the taxpayer's registration card, or RNOKPP for short, is a unique digital code that is used to register and account for each taxpayer in the tax system of Ukraine.
This term has been used since 2012 instead of the outdated term TIN (individual tax number) without any difference in concepts.
RNOCPP is a mandatory document for:

  • employment;
  • registration of a legal entity or FOP;
  • conclusion of agreements with a notary, in particular the purchase and sale of movable and immovable property;
  • receiving banking services;
  • registration of social benefits, etc.


What is the RNOCPP number made up of?

In Ukraine, there are no two people with the same RNOKPP, this code is unique and unchanged throughout life. The registration number of the taxpayer's account card contains 10 digital characters:

  • the first five digits are the number of days that have passed before the person's date of birth since 12/31/1899;
  • the next 4 digits are the number of the registration card No. 1DR, and the ninth digit also indicates the gender of the person: odd - male, and even - female;
  • the last digit is the control digit, calculated according to a special algorithm.


How to get RNOKPP

The registration number of the taxpayer's registration card can be given to every Ukrainian of any age, as well as to non-residents for the purpose of paying taxes on the territory of Ukraine.
You can get a registration number online or at the tax administration at the place of registration or the place of receipt of income after five working days from the moment of application.
A citizen of Ukraine has the right to refuse to receive this number by submitting a corresponding application to the State Tax Inspectorate. The records of such persons are kept by name, number and series of the passport.

Oleksandra Topol Head of marketing

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