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New deposit Online from 06.07.2021

New deposit Online from 06.07.2021Agroprosperis Bank offers its private clients a new term deposit "Online" with the highest rates currently in force at the bank.

Place the "Online" deposit for a convenient period of 1 to 24 months and receive up to 11% per annum in UAH and 2.25% in USD with a monthly payment.

It is possible to open a deposit only in online banking AP Bank, which will allow you not only to open deposits in a few clicks, but also conveniently manage your funds – control interest accrual, change extension conditions, make payments and transfers quickly, instantly block the card and much more.

You need to have a payment card of Agroprosperis Bank to register in online banking. Don't have a card yet? Then visit any of our branches and issue a deposit card or an instant Savings Card free of charge. Our managers will be happy to help you register in the application and tell you how to use it.

Detailed conditions of the "Online" deposit can be found on the deposit page.

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