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Agroprosperis Bank and Lozova Machinery have prepared a joint program for farmers

Agroprosperis Bank presented to Ukrainian farmers a new partnership program with LOZOVA MACHINERY, a leading domestic manufacturer of highly efficient agricultural machinery.

Under this program, agricultural producers with a land bank of only 100 hectares can buy on credit modern efficient and economical tillage units, sprayers and reloaders for up to 5 years at attractive rates.

The best offer is valid for a period of 12 months and provides the following conditions:

  • interest rate - only 0.01% per annum in UAH or USD
  • first installment - 30%
  • bank commission - absent
  • repayment - in equal monthly installments.

The terms of the partnership program are available on program's page.

Buy LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment on favorable terms from Agroprosperis Bank and get the maximum economic effect for your business: better tillage, maintenance work, less downtime and repair, processing speed and fuel economy.

For reference:

Lozova Machinery (lozovamachinery.com) is a Ukrainian manufacturer of more than 30 types of tillage equipment, a series of sprayers and trailers-reloaders, which in addition to the domestic market are supplied to Europe, CIS countries and Canada. Lozova Machinery - make your money work!