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Change in terms of deposits of private individuals from August 1, 2023

Agroprosperis Bank updates the conditions of deposit deposits for individuals, in particular, the product line and term of deposits for 3 months. The changes will take effect on August 1, 2023.


Short-term deposits for 3 months

From August 1, 2023, the 3-month deposit term will be 95 days for all bank deposit programs. If you have a deposit in the bank for 3 months with automatic extension, made up to and including July 31, 2023, we advise you to refuse the extension and, upon completion of the deposit, open a new short deposit for 95 days at more favorable rates or another bank deposit that is optimal for you.

In the case of keeping the automatic prolongation of deposits for 3 months, the bonus to the +0.5% rate for prolongation is not applied and the following interest rates will apply:

  • in UAH – 14.5% for Classic+ and Classic deposits and 6.5% for Savings deposit;
  • in USD – 0.30% for Classic+ and Classic deposits and 0.01% for Savings deposit.


Change of deposit line

In order to optimize the deposit line, the sale of the "Flexible" and "Contribution to Victory" deposit products will be stopped from 08/01/2023, and deposits made up to and including 07/31/2023 will not be extended to the next term. You can choose another profitable deposit in the bank or keep your funds on the Mriya interest-bearing card, which will earn you up to 11% on daily account balances with the ability to use the funds at any time without losing interest.


Remote opening of deposits

We advise you to use AP Bank online banking for quick access to the conditions of completed deposits, change of extension and remote registration of new deposits. Also, in online banking, you can control interest payments and manage them conveniently.

Read more about the updated deposit programs at Agroprosperis Bank on the page Deposits for private individuals.

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