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High quality mineral fertilizers from Timac Agro and Agroprosperis Bank

High quality mineral fertilizers from Timac Agro and Agroprosperis Bank

Agroprosperis Bank and Timac Agro have signed a partnership program to finance the purchase of mineral fertilizers for agricultural producers with a land area of ​​100 hectares.

Timac Agro Ukraine is a subsidiary of the French Group Roullier, engaged in research and development of innovative solutions in the field of crop nutrition. The company is represented on the market by a wide range of mineral fertilizers, microfertilizers, biostimulants and other plant nutrients.

Under the partnership program, you can buy Timac Agro products on credit or pay for them with a promissory note. The loan is provided for up to 12 months at 3% per annum in UAH in the first six months, and in subsequent months - 10% in the presence of collateral in the form of crop receipts or property and 12% without collateral. There are no fees for issuing and repaying the loan.

The cooperation between Agroprosperis Bank and Timac Agro enables farmers to purchase high-efficiency and high-quality mineral fertilizers that will allow optimizing the cost of feeding crops without harming the environment and fertile Ukrainian land.

More details about the partnership program with Timac Agro are on the website.

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