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Introduction of an international bank account number (IBAN)

For the further development of the electronic payment system and in accordance with the requirements of the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 162 dated 28.12.2018 (with amendments) from 05.08.2019 an international bank account number (IBAN), which consists of 29 alphanumeric characters, will be applied to customer accounts.

The change of the current account number to the account number according to the IBAN standard will not lead to any changes in the provisions of the contract (bank account agreement / term deposit agreement, etc.).

In this regard, we notify you of the following:


1) from August 5, 2019 to October 31, 2019:

- can indicate in the details and statement documents both a valid account number and bank code, and an account number in the IBAN standard. In case of indicating the IBAN account number, the Bank Code field must be marked with zero.

2) from November 1, 2019:

- only the IBAN account number should be indicated.


1)   from August 5, 2019 to October 31, 2019:

-  accept documents for money transfers or deposits both with a valid account number and bank code, and an account number in the IBAN standard;

- notify the State Fiscal Service about the changes in the accounts of legal entities, sole proprietors and individuals who conduct independent professional activities.

2) from August 5, 2019:

-  open accounts (current, deposit, escrow) in the IBAN standard;

- form a statement on the client's account from the date of opening the account and the amount of the incoming balance by the current account before the transfer to IBAN account (account history), with further confirmation of operations on any date after changes in the current account of the client according to the IBAN standard;

- execute documents for freezing of funds / mandatory direct debit / collection regardless of the account number indicated in these documents (current account number before the change to the IBAN standard/ number in the IBAN standard);

3) from November 1, 2019:

- will provide transfers only in the IBAN standard.

Customers can find out about changing accounts to IBAN standard:

·         in the Bank branch;

·         via the remote account maintenance system (legal entities, sole proprietors).



More information about IBAN is available here (зашить ссылку /uploads/IBAN.pdf)

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