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Clarification regarding currency exchange operations

Recently, Ukrainians have had problems with the exchange of dollars and euros, when some exchange points refuse to accept dollars of old years of issue or bills with minor damage. In order to resolve these misunderstandings, on June 20, 2023, the National Bank approved changes to the regulatory framework that regulates currency exchange operations, in particular, canceled the list of signs of minor wear of banknotes.

Banks and non-banking institutions carry out currency exchange operations with foreign currency banknotes, which in terms of design and security elements fully correspond to the samples and descriptions given on the pages of the official websites of the central banks of foreign countries, and the authenticity of which is confirmed using the appropriate equipment.

Banks and non-banking institutions verify the authenticity of foreign currency notes using banknote counters/sorters with UV, IR and magnetic protection control and/or devices (detectors) that provide image magnification, UV and IR visualization and magnetic control.

Customers can exchange at banks and non-banking institutions all genuine banknotes without signs of significant wear and tear, which pass the checks on detectors and banknote counters/sorters and are not rejected. In turn, such bills are issued to clients when they buy currency. Only significantly worn currency and banknotes withdrawn from circulation by a foreign state are not accepted.

Banks and non-banking institutions will not exchange banknotes that show one or more signs of significant wear and tear. To do this, you need to contact banks that accept foreign currency banknotes for collection in accordance with the tariffs in force in the banks. Agroprosperis Bank currently does not provide these services.

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