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Agroprosperis Bank is recognized as the leading bank in terms of reliability of savings for individuals

Agroprosperis Bank is recognized as the leading bank in terms of reliability of savings for individualsAt the All-Ukrainian competition "Bank of the Year 2022" from International Financial Club "BANKIR" Agroprosperis Bank received an award in the nomination "Leader Bank in Reliability of Savings for Individuals".

This award is a confirmation of the stability and sustainability of Agroprosperis Bank, which is ensured by the fact that we:

  • have 100% foreign capital from the United States of America and Europe, among the investors is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
  • comply with all NBU regulations with a significant margin, which indicates a very good provision of capital and liquidity;
  • regularly confirm the uaAA investment level credit rating and the highest deposit reliability rating;
  • ensure uninterrupted operation of the Bank and branches, and on October 18, 2022, a new Bank branch was opened in Kyiv on the left coast;
  • specialize in lending to agriculture and ensure a high quality loan portfolio;
  • work in accordance with Western standards of management, security and compliance

The title of the leader in the reliability of savings is confirmed by the dynamics of the funds of individuals - since the beginning of the year, despite the war and the economic situation, the volume of public deposits in Agroprosperis Bank has increased by one and a half times and exceeded the mark of UAH 600 million.

We are grateful for the recognition, and to the depositors – for choosing our Bank! We continue to reliably protect and multiply clients' funds!


For reference:

The organizer of the annual competition "Bank of the Year" is the International Financial Club "BANKIR" in partnership and with the support of the office of the President of Ukraine, the Independent Association of Banks of Ukraine, the Association of Ukrainian Banks, and other professional associations and market institutions.

The winners of the competition were determined based on the criteria of unconditional compliance with the requirements of legislation and regulatory documents of the regulator, impeccable business reputation, compliance of the principles of activity with international quality standards, positive audit findings, management efficiency in achieving financial results, compliance with the principles of fair competition.

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