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Agroprosperis Bank was announced a winner at the 11th Ukrainian Competition “Bank of the Year 2019”

On December 2nd, 2019, Agroprosperis Bank was announced a Leader in agribusiness financing at the 11th Ukrainian Competition “Bank of the Year 2019”, held by Bankir International Financial Club.

Agroprosperis Bank is the first bank in Ukraine to lend against crop receipts, and have been successfully working with this tool for four years.

Each year the Bank doubles the volume of funding for the agricultural sector, while financing only small and medium-sized agricultural producers with the greatest demand on financing. In Agroprosperis Bank farmers with just 100 hectares of land actually receive financing for business and nearly half of the bank's customers cultivate up to 500 hectares of land.

As a result small but promising agricultural producers receive sufficient funding and, therefore, the opportunity to grow and scale their business. There are farms that in a few years of cooperation with the bank were able to increase their turnover by 5-10 times!

Agroprosperis Bank works for the benefit of Ukrainian agriculture and aims to become the # 1 bank for small and medium-sized agricultural producers.

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