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Agroprosperis Bank began the practice of issuing financial crop receipts in Ukraine

On February 4, 2016 Agroprosperis Bank issued a crop receipt in the amount of UAH 457,000 secured on future harvest of winter wheat – Ukraine's first financial crop receipt.

Within next two months the Bank signed a record 14 crop receipts, having financed Ukrainian grain producers for total amount of more than UAH 13 million. Bank signed crop receipts in almost all Ukrainian regions where this financing instrument is applicable.

As of April 11, 2016 Agroprosperis Bank is the first and so far the only Ukrainian financial institution, which provides financing against crop receipts. Most of today's crop receipts have been signed by Agroprosperis Bank, and among active crop receipts the Bank's share is over 90%.
Agroprosperis Bank is a professional participant of agricultural and banking markets, the priority of which is the qualitative development of Ukraine’s agriculture. Therefore the Bank will continue to finance national small and medium grain producers against financial crop receipts.

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