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We reduce the commission for buying and selling currency

From January 22, 2024, the commission for the purchase and sale of non-cash foreign currency at Agroprosperis Bank for the purchase and sale of up to 6,000 units of currency at the client's request will be 1% of the amount of the UAH equivalent.


How much can you buy currency for?

Currently, the following restrictions apply to the volume of purchases of non-cash foreign currency per month:

  • up to UAH 200,000 equivalent - for placement on a deposit for a period of three months or more;
  • up to UAH 50,000 equivalent - for crediting to a current account.

How to buy cashless currency

  • the purchase rate is set by the bank on the day of the transaction and is more favorable than cash. You can find out in advance by calling the contact center or branch.
  • orders to buy currency are accepted until 12:00 on each business day, and orders received later are executed on the next business day.

Take advantage of the opportunity to buy currency at a favorable rate and safely store it in a current or deposit account.

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