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Visa Infinite from Agroprosperis Bank: the most prestigious premium card and exclusive services

Experience a special level of comfort with the most prestigious Visa Infinite cards and premium service from Agroprosperis Bank. Travel, shopping, self-care, routine tasks - only the best offers await you, which will make life more pleasant and convenient.

The Prosperity premium service package gives you unique opportunities:

  • a personal manager who will provide professional advice on financial issues and help you choose the best solution for your financial needs;
  • concierge service: round-the-clock information support and prompt resolution of personal issues anywhere in the world;
  • accelerated passage at airports and free visit to business halls;
  • individual service conditions: increased rate on the balance of funds on the card, bonus to the deposit rate, discount on the rental of individual safes, credit limit up to UAH 500,000 with a grace period of up to 62 days;
  • reliability and confidentiality in a bank with american capital.

The Prosperity premium service package is effective financial management in a bank with american capital.

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