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From now on you can buy Government bonds at Agroprosperis Bank

From now on you can buy Government bonds at Agroprosperis BankAgroprosperis Bank begins active work with domestic government bonds. Individual and legal clients who want to invest profitably and diversify their investments wisely can now apply to Agroprosperis Bank and purchase UAH and foreign currency government bonds.

Government bonds are a reliable savings tool that has a number of benefits for individuals and businesses:

• Maximum reliability – a state guarantee of 100% of purchased bonds, regardless of the amount

• Higher profitability compared to deposits

• Lack of taxation of income from and military levy for individuals

• High liquidity – the ability to sell government bonds quickly and any time

• Currency risks hedging – for bonds in foreign currency

• Flexibility of placement – from 3 months to 5 years.

Investing in domestic govenment bonds is an interesting alternative to deposits. Although this tool is more complex than regular time deposits, our specialists will be happy to help you make this process and your investment profitable.

Read more about how to buy government bonds, how much it will cost and what yield you will get on our website in the Government bonds section.


Domestic government bonds

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