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Security tips for online and non-cash payments

Security tips for online and non-cash paymentsUkrainians increasingly prefer non-cash payments and for the security of your online payments and protection of your savings from scammers, we remind you of the basic rules of payments and use of payment cards.

Keep your bank card details secret, namely: CVV2-code, PIN-code, login and password to online banking, codes of banks and mobile operators to confirm payments. Never share this information with anyone, not even a bank representative, only you should know it. If you are asked for this information, it is a 100% scam.

Learn how to detect telephone fraud. If you receive a phone call from someone who is introducing himself as the bank employee, NBU, Pension Fund, etc., or send an SMS on behalf of the bank and ask for secret information about your card, in particular, ask to send a photo card or provide information on the website, alarming that the card is blocked and criminals have hacked the account, stop talking – it's 100% scam.

Protect your financial number. Your bank accounts are linked to your mobile phone number (financial number). After accessing the SIM card, fraudsters can also access the accounts. As a first step, change the SIM card PIN from 0000 or 1111 to a complex 8-digit number. It is preferable to switch to a contract with your mobile operator.

Buy and pay online only on trusted sites. Sites should contain https: // and a "lock" icon in the address bar, and should have Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure code badges.

Read more about how to protect your savings from fraudsters on our website in the section Security of online payments and card transactions in the section Cards for individuals.

Faced with a scammer?

Pass the scammer's contacts to the Cyberpolice. The application to the Cyberpolice can be left on the official website: or by phone 0 800 505 170.

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