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A delicious compliment from Chichiko with Visa Infinite

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of real Georgia with the Visa Infinite premium card from Agroprosperis Bank, Chichiko restaurant is the perfect place for this. In their menu, you will find a variety of dishes, ranging from classical Georgian to author's creations from the chef. And their wine list is decorated with an excellent selection of wines from different parts of the world. Go on a gastronomic tour of Georgia!

Holders of Visa Infinite premium cards receive a special bonus in the form of a compliment: fragrant pita bread, svan salt and olive oil infused with green onions.

Place your order at Chichiko's with your Visa Infinite premium card and receive this delicious compliment from the restaurant.

We invite you to the address: Kyiv, str. Yaroslaviv Val, 23A.

This offer is valid until December 31, 2024.

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