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Invitation to Clash of Agrotitans on September 4-5, 2018

On September 4-5, 2018 Agroprosperis Bank will take part in the annual Clash of Agrotitans – an outstanding event at which leading farm machinery manufacturers will demonstrate their cutting edge innovations to improve the quality and efficiency of agronomic operations. Agroprosperis Bank, for its part, will present loan programs that will help farmers to buy at a profit highly productive farm machinery of the best producers and increase the efficiency and profitability of their business.

Agroprosperis Bank affiliate programs are unique for the Ukrainian market. First of all, they are accessible to farmers with land area of ​​only 100 hectares. Agrarians can buy the equipment for a record period of up to 7 years and without a down payment if additional collateral is provided. Other benefits of the program are absence of collateral valuation and insurance, which reduces the cost of the loan, and the speed of decision-making – up to 7 business days.

You can get acquainted with Agroprosperis Bank loan products and affiliate programs while visiting the Clash of Agrotitans 2018 on September 4-5, which will take place at: Kyiv region, Tetiiv district, Stepove village, the group of companies "TAK".


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