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Agroprosperis Bank and Syngenta Partnership Program

Agroprosperis Bank opens new horizons for Ukrainian farmers: over the past year and a half, the Bank has signed 25 partnership programs for agricultural machinery loans, and this year launches the first programs for financing the purchase of seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products.

The first such program was prepared by Agroprosperis Bank together with one of the world's leading agribusiness companies – Syngenta.

The program is available to agricultural producers who cultivate 100 hectares of land and provides funding for up to 12 months at a rate of 13.75% to 14.3% per annum. There is no loan commission, and the repayment schedule is flexible according to the season.

For reference:

Syngenta ( is a leading agribusiness company, which offers more than 80 plant protection products and a large number of hybrids and seeds. The company is distinguished by high-quality products and integrated approach to the solution of the set tasks.

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