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It is so profitable to buy Nalipaku at NOVUS with Visa!

Collecting a unique collection of bright stickers at NOVUS is always fun, and with a Visa card from Agroprosperis Bank it becomes even more profitable!

Visit Novus, make a purchase with a Visa card in the amount of UAH 299 or more and get Nalipaka for only UAH 4.99 instead of UAH 9.99.

Stickers is a stylish lifestyle collection of 24 bright stickers, ready to give the very best mood and create a unique style for your favorite hoodie, backpack or bag.

How to use the offer:

  • Visit the NOVUS store between April 18 and June 12, 2024.
  • Buy goods from UAH 299 and pay with a Visa card.
  • Get one Nalipaka at a special price of UAH 4.99.
  • Choose the most positive sticker from our collection and decorate your things with it.

Offer applies to all Visa cards.


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