Агропросперис Банк Головний офіс Agroprosperis Bank
27-Т (літ. А), вулиця Дегтярівська 04119 Київ, Україна
Телефон:+38 044 392 93 91
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New interest rates for individuals

On July 1, 2020, new interest rates on deposits of individuals enter into force at Agroprosperis Bank.

You can obtain the highest rates while placing the deposit for 18 and 24 months:

  • 11.5% p.a. in UAH or 2.5% in USD for the Classic+ deposit with interest payable at the end of the term.
  • 11% p.a. in UAH or 2.25% in USD for the Classic deposit with a monthly interest payment.

For these deposits, you can additionally receive up to + 0.5% for all terms when submitting a pension certificate, with a deposit extension or with a deposit amount of UAH 100,000 or USD 5,000.

From July 15, 2020, new interest will be paid for Savings card account balance:

  • 7% - for the balance from 100 000.01 UAH
  • 6% - for the balance from 1 000.01 to 100 000.00 UAH
  • 5% - for the balance from 0.00 to 1 000.00 UAH.

New deposit rates are available on the bank's website in the Deposits for private persons section, new Savings card tariffs you can find in the Cards for private persons section.