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Purchase of non-cash currency with credit to the current account

Starting today, private individuals have the opportunity to purchase non-cash foreign currency at Agroprosperis Bank without confirming obligations or grounds for such a transaction. This opportunity became available as part of the easing of currency restrictions in accordance with NBU Resolution No. 104 of August 28, 2023.


Conditions for purchasing non-cash currency

  • The monthly limit for such a purchase is the equivalent of 50,000 UAH in one bank.
  • The purchased currency will be credited to the current account without the need to place funds on a time deposit.

The procedure for purchasing non-cash currency

  • You can buy USD or EUR at the branches and the main office of the bank.
  • The exchange rate for such transactions is set by the bank on the day of the transaction and is usually more profitable than cash. You can find it out at the cash desk or in advance by calling the branch.
  • Applications for the purchase of currency are submitted by 12:00 every working day. Requests received later are processed the next business day.

Take advantage of the opportunity to buy currency and store it in non-cash form in a current account - it is more convenient, safer and more profitable than in cash.

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