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Change of the abbreviated name and location of the bank

Agroprosperis Bank changed its abbreviated name and location. The new version of the Bank's Charter with the relevant changes was registered by the National Bank on February 14, 2022 year.

New location of the bank: blvd. V. Havela, 6, building 3, Kyiv, 03124. The official abbreviated name is now JSC "AGROPROSPERIS BANK" (JSC "Agroprosperis Bank") instead of JSC "AP BANK". The full name remains unchanged - "AGROPROSPERIS BANK" JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

The new version of the Charter can be found on the official website of the bank in the Documents and Reporting section and on the official website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, unique number "code" for access to the results of administrative services (state registration) 428539348872.

All agreements concluded before the amendments to the Articles of Association are valid and do not require renegotiation.

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