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Individual bank safes - how to choose and use

It's hard to find a safer place to store your valuables than a bank safe. Banking institutions store clients' valuables in specially equipped premises, the level of security and protection of which exceeds any possibilities of home storage. How to choose a bank safe and how to use your bank box will be considered in detail in our article.


Bank safes are located in a secure storage room

Individual bank safes are placed in a specially equipped safe storage, the technical condition of which meets the requirements of DSTU EN 1143-1.

This standard sets very strict requirements for the safe storage, regulating the thickness of the walls, the absence of windows, the area and height of the ceilings and, of course, the mandatory equipment of security and video surveillance in a 24-hour mode.

The access of bank employees to the storage is strictly limited, the client works with the contents of the box in a separate room without the presence of outsiders, and bank safes in the storage are under constant video surveillance. Thus, your valuables in the bank cell are maximally protected from any risks.


Options for storing valuables in an individual safe

Banks can provide clients with two types of valuables storage services in safes, depending on property responsibility:

  • services of temporary use of individual bank safes for storing valuables without property liability (according to Article 971 of the Civil Code of Ukraine);
  • services of property-responsible storage of the client's valuables in individual bank safes with a description of the valuables during their investment (according to Article 970 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).

Both options assume that you use an individual safe, which is placed in a secure bank vault, however, in the first option, the contents of the safe are known only to you, while in the second, a bank representative controls the deposit of valuables in the safe and their receipt from the safe with mandatory documentation .

It is worth understanding that no matter which option you choose to rent a bank safe, according to the law, the bank is not responsible for spoilage of valuables in the safe for reasons beyond the bank's control, such as chemical reactions, metal corrosion, natural disasters, etc.

Bank customers prefer the first option due to its privacy, and most banks offer this type of use of bank boxes.

Agroprosperis Bank provides its clients with individual bank safes for temporary use without a description of valuables.


What can bank cells be used for

An individual safe is a convenient way to store important documents, securities, money, jewelry, antiques, works of art - any valuables that will fit in the box and are allowed to be stored in the bank's vault.

It is not allowed to use individual safes to store things that can cause fire or cause other damage, as well as things, the storage of which is expressly prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine: fire and explosive, chemical, poisonous, toxic, flammable, radioactive substances, narcotics, weapons , ammunition, strong-smelling substances, and objects that create strong electric and magnetic fields.


How to choose a bank safe

Bank boxes come in different sizes: from small, only 4-5 cm high, where you can store, for example, documents or jewelry, to spacious safes, where even pictures can easily fit. The size of the box, respectively, depends on how much the box is worth in the bank.

It is possible to rent an individual bank safe for a period of several days to a year. The longer the term you choose, the more profitable it is. Therefore, if you need a box for short periods, but often, it is worth calculating - it may be more profitable for you to rent a bank box at once for a year.

Visiting the vault is possible during its working hours, which vary from bank to bank and do not always coincide with the branch's working hours, so be sure to check this information.


The process of concluding a contract for the use of a safe

The conclusion of the contract and the identification and verification of the client take an average of half an hour. For identification and verification, it is necessary to present a passport or a document that replaces it and an identification code. If you are already a client of the bank, no additional identification is required.

The cost of renting a bank box is paid for the entire rental period at the time of signing the contract, and at the same time, a deposit is also made for the keys and lock of the box. The deposit is returned to you upon completion of the contract and the return of the keys and safe in an undamaged condition.

After concluding the contract, you receive the keys to the safe and are free to use it. A set of keys for an individual safe has two copies. At Agroprosperis Bank, you get a complete set of both copies, but in some institutions, only one copy is issued to the client, and the second copy is kept in the bank in a sealed form.


How is the safe used?

Access to the individual safe is subject to presentation of an identity document, on the basis of which you were identified at the bank.

The withdrawal of the safe deposit box from the storage is carried out in accordance with the procedure adopted by the bank jointly by the client and the bank representative. The client's work with the contents of the box takes place in a separate client's room. To ensure the confidentiality of information regarding the type and quantity of valuables stored in an individual safe, the responsible person of the bank should not be directly present when the client deposits or withdraws valuables.

After using the safe deposit box, the client, in the presence of a bank representative, places it in an individual safe, locks the individual bank safe with his key and leaves the safe deposit box.


Power of attorney to use the safe

During the conclusion of the contract for the use of the safe or during its validity period, the client-individual has the right to allow the use of the bank safe by a third party on the basis of a duly certified Power of Attorney for the right to use the safe.

The power of attorney can be executed at a notary public or at a bank branch by an authorized person of the bank on the day of concluding the contract or during its validity in the simultaneous presence of the client and the authorized person.

Oleksiy Kiyashko Deputy head of the SME and retail business department

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