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Effective plant protection with Agroprosperis Bank and ALFA Smart Agro

Buy plant protection products conveniently and profitably under the new partnership program of ALFA Smart Agro and Agroprosperis Bank. ALFA Smart Agro is a leading manufacturer of plant protection products and microfertilizers, which is one of the TOP-5 market leaders in Ukraine. The company offers 75 innovative products that are highly efficient and fully comply with the concept of smart agronomy, and most of them have no analogues in Ukraine.

You can buy quality PPP and microfertilizers under the program on favorable terms:

  • without collateral: at 3% per annum in UAH for 1-5 months, then 16.10% per annum for 6-12 months;
  • if the collateral is property or crop receipt: at 0.01% per annum in UAH for 1-5 months, then 15.20% for 6-12 months
  • no commission
  • repayment schedule - according to the season.

Find out the detailed conditions of the program is the program section.

Protect your plants effectively and profitably together with Agroprosperis Bank!


Partnership programs

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