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Promotional deposit Sunny has been extended

We are extending the validity period of the "Sunny" share deposit until August 1, 2023, inclusive, so that you have time to place a profitable deposit at the highest interest rates in Agroprosperis Bank.


The "Sunny" share deposit is:

  • interest rate of 20.25% per annum in hryvnia;
  • short-term deposit of 95 days;
  • the minimum deposit amount is only from UAH 10,000;
  • payment of interest at the end of the term;
  • with the possibility of one extension;
  • no top-up, partial withdrawal or early termination options.

A promotional deposit can be made at any branch of Agroprosperis Bank. If you are already a client of the bank, you can open a deposit remotely in AP Bank online banking.


Promotional deposit "Sunny"


Profitable deposit in Agroprosperis Bank

Deposit rates for the "Sunny" share deposit are the best offer currently in effect in Agroprosperis Bank and in general for deposits in Ukrainian banks with foreign capital. So, if you are choosing which bank to open a deposit in, Agroprosperis Bank will be a smart decision, because high deposit rates are combined with high reliability of the bank.

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