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Agroprosperis Bank wins the “the Banks of 2020” Rating

Agroprosperis Bank wins the “the Banks of 2020” RatingOn February 5, 2020, Agroprosperis Bank was announced a winner of the "Banks of 2020" Rating by the Finance Club in the nomination "Clean Bank", as a bank with the highest quality of the loan portfolio.

During all the years of Agroprosperis Bank operation, the level of non-performing loans in the Bank's portfolio amounted to a record 0.01-2%, which is 10 times less than on the whole in the banking system.

The Bank ensures such high quality of the loan portfolio due to the strict adherence to the principle of responsible financing. Agroprosperis Bank’s borrowers have the opportunity to receive the exact amount of  money, which they can use and repay, so they can keep on working and lending.

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