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Agroprosperis Bank became a partner of the campaign for the protection of consumers of financial services conducted by the National Bank

Agroprosperis Bank became a partner of the campaign for the protection of consumers of financial services conducted by the National BankNBU in conjunction with the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, has launched a nationwide communication campaign Know Your Rights to raise public awareness of consumer rights protection and obligations when receiving financial services.

During the campaign, the National Bank together with partners will inform Ukrainians what rights they have as consumers of financial services and where to apply in case of violation.

"For a number of reasons, Ukrainians use financial services reluctantly or don’t use them at all. Those reasons include previous crisis episodes, negative consumer experiences, and poor awareness of the advantages that come with the use of financial products. The NBU is pursuing the twofold purpose of setting additional requirements for financial institutions to ensure that they price their services transparently and treat their customers responsibly, and improving the financial awareness of consumers. These are prerequisites for strengthening the protection of financial services consumers, increasing the public’s involvement in the financial system, and encouraging consumers to use financial services more actively," said Oleksii Shaban, Deputy Governor of the NBU.

Agroprosperis Bank is happy to become an information partner of the campaign of the consumers of financial services rights protection. "Thanks to NBU Know your rights campaign, Ukrainians will learn how to successfully defend their rights and to honestly perform their duties, and will receive useful advice on how not to get lost in the variety of banking products and choose the best option. Agroprosperis Bank aims to build long-term partnerships with customers, based on openness and a clear understanding of the terms of the agreement and parties' responsibilities, which is why we are happy to join this campaign. I am convinced that the received information will help Ukrainians to become confident users of banking services and get only positive experience from them”,- shared Serhiy Shchepanskyi, Agroprosperis BankChairman of the Board.

The campaign will take place in March-May 2021 in all regions of Ukraine. As a part of the campaign, the National Bank has launched a special "Know Your Rights" landing.

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