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The first crop receipt in Rivne region was financed by Agroprosperis Bank

On February 6, 2018, Agroprosperis Bank and Mizotske RTE signed the first crop receipt in Rivne region for UAH 1.39 mln, secured by the future corn harvest of 2018.

Mizotske RTE has been a regular client of Agroprosperis Bank for the past three years and has repeatedly received financing from the bank on a pledge of the future harvest. The enterprise cultivates 900 hectares of land, sows high quality seeds of imported hybrids and uses the modern technology of crops growing.

"Everything new is always interesting, and you want to try it, - says Yuri Sosiuk, financial director of the borrower company. - We have been working with Agroprosperis Bank for two years and believe that it effectively cooperates with its clients and quickly takes decisions. Agroprosperis Bank has significant experience in crop receipts; therefore, as soon as this tool began to operate in our area, we immediately issued it. We are particularly grateful to the bank’s regional manager Nazarii Bilash for the assistance and support in signing the crop receipt."

According to the chairman of the management board of Agroprosperis Bank Serhii Shchepanskyi, Mizotske RTP sows high quality imported seeds and adheres to the modern technology of growing crops, and for the bank the level of agricultural technology of the borrower is an important factor. "We are ready to finance farms with high culture of production and an impeccable business reputation on the pledge of a future harvest that has not even been sown. And a crop receipt is the only tool that makes it possible. Therefore, we support the extension of the project of crop receipts overall Ukraine", - said Serhii Shchepanskyi.

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