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Agroprosperis Bank has joined the information campaign on cash security

Agroprosperis Bank has joined the information campaign on cash securityThe All-Ukrainian information campaign on cash security "Anatomy of the hryvnia" launched by the National Bank of Ukraine has started.

The aim of the campaign is to teach Ukrainians how to quickly check the authenticity of hryvnia banknotes and remind the population which banknotes and coins are in circulation and which are no longer accepted for payment.

As part of this information campaign, the National Bank and its partners will inform Ukrainians where to exchange withdrawn, worn-out, damaged, doubtful banknotes and coins, as well as tell about the elements of protection of the national currency.

Despite the proliferation of non-cash payments, cash remains in widespread use in Ukraine, so the protection and reliability of cash currency should always be the focus of the central bank.

"The hryvnia protection system is at a high level and corresponds to the protection systems of the world's leading currencies. The Ukrainian hryvnia has modern innovative security elements that allow you to easily verify the authenticity of the banknote visually and tactilely. You just need to know what to look for. once again we will remind Ukrainians about simple rules of security of cash settlements ", - the deputy chairman of National bank of Ukraine Alexey Shaban told.

He explained that the level of counterfeiting of national currency banknotes remains consistently low. In 2020 year, 1 million units. real 5.5 hryvnia banknotes. counterfeit banknotes. For comparison: this figure in the European Union last year was three times higher and amounted to about 17 euro banknotes.

At the same time, most of the counterfeit hryvnia banknotes withdrawn from circulation are of low quality. They are printed on printers and are designed for the inattention of citizens and cashiers. "We are convinced that the best protection against receiving counterfeit money is the awareness of Ukrainians. That is why we want to teach every citizen simple rules that will help easily verify the authenticity of Ukrainian money," said the Deputy Governor of the National Bank.

In addition to training cashiers of banks, post offices, shops, gas stations and pharmacies, the National Bank is launching a special web page (landing) "Anatomy of the hryvnia", which contains answers to topical questions regarding secure cash payments.

The information campaign "Anatomy of the hryvnia" will last during July-September 2021 year in all regions of Ukraine. It is supported by the Cyberpolice and the Strategic Investigations Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

Agroprosperis Bank willingly joined the campaign of the National Bank "Anatomy of the hryvnia" on the security of cash payments. "Despite the significant increase in the number of non-cash payments, cash remains an integral part of our lives, and professional advice and clarification will make its use more convenient and secure. We are grateful to the National Bank for the opportunity to join this much-needed initiative and tell Ukrainians how to quickly verify the authenticity of banknotes, what denominations are in circulation, what banknotes and coins can be exchanged, and where to do so. Read this useful information on the official page of Agroprosperis Bank on Facebook to make your payments more secure and secure, " said Serhiy Shchepansky, Chairman of the Board.

For reference

More than 50 partners joined the All-Ukrainian information campaign on cash security "Anatomy of the hryvnia": Ukrposhta, chains of shops and pharmacies (Novus, Foxtrot, ATB, Epicenter, Velmart, Velyka Kyshenya, Eldorado, ANC), gas stations (WOG, BRM , Shell, Klo, Socar, OKKO) and about 40 banks (Oschadbank, Ukreximbank, Raiffeisen Bank, Ukrgasbank, FUIB, Ukrsibbank, Bank Pivdenny, Kredobank, Sberbank, Bank Credit Dnipro, A - Bank, Idea Bank, Akord, Bank, Megabank, MTB Bank, Pravex Bank, Commercial Industrial Bank, Crystalbank, Lviv Bank, Clearing House Bank, Industrialbank, Piraeus Bank, First Investment Bank, Ukrbudinvestbank, Grant Bank, MetaBank, Bank Ukrainian Capital, Agroprosperis Bank, Asvio Bank, Motor Bank, Creditvest Bank, Land Capital, Sky Bank, European Industrial Bank, OTA Bank Trust Capital, Bank Portal).

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