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Agroprosperis Bank opened a new branch in Vinnytsia

Agroprosperis Bank opened a new branch in Vinnytsia

Agroprosperis Bank continues to expand its network and opens its first regional branch in Vinnytsia, located in the city center on 1, Lytvynenko-Vol’hemut Str.

Meanwhile due to quarantine banking branches are shutting down, we adhere to our development strategy and have opened a new branch in a new region even in the face of quarantine constraints, macroeconomic instability and currency fluctuations.

The region was chosen not by chance, because the Vinnytsia oblast is the leader among Ukrainian regions in agricultural production, so Agroprosperis Bank, which specializes in lending to agricultural producers, has a large number of customers in the region and with the opening of a local representative office becomes much closer to them.

The new branch provides a full range of banking services for businesses and individuals: it is possible not only to get a loan for agricultural production and high-quality cash and settlement services, but also to place a deposit at 14% per annum in UAH or 4% in USD.

During quarantine, the branch serves customers according to the following work schedule: Monday-Thursday 10:00-16:30, Friday 9:00-16:00, and after the restrictions are lifted the service mode will be even more convenient.

We are glad to invite you to our spacious office, but no more than two people at a time. Meanwhile, we can get acquainted in the telephone mode yet by the branch number +38 (0432) 60 52 29.

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