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Agroprosperis Bank is the leader by the number of crop receipts, issued by the end of 2016

In 2016 Agroprosperis Bank, a member of Agroprosperis Group, signed a record 26 of 62 crop receipts, issued during the year, and confidently holds the championship by the number of signed agreements.

In February 2016 Agroprosperis Bank signed the first in Ukraine financial crop receipt, becoming a pioneer among Ukrainian banks to use this financing instrument. A crop receipt for the amount of UAH 457,000, secured by the future harvest of winter wheat, was issued in Vinnytsia region.

“Agroprosperis Bank so far remains the only bank in Ukraine, which provides financing secured by crop receipts. The Bank’s main goal is to simplify and increase access to financing for small and medium agricultural producers. So we will continue to actively develop this tool,” said Serhii Shchepanskyi, the Chairman of the Management Board of Agroprosperis Bank.

“Agroprosperis Bank’s customers fulfill their obligations under crop receipts in good faith and appreciate the advantages of this financing method,” continued Serhii Shchepanskyi, “If they require financing, they return to our bank for this product, considering it to be the most convenient and adapted to the specifics of agribusiness.”

A crop receipt is a new tool for financing agricultural producers secured by future harvest. The implementation of crop receipts began in 2014 within Poltava region and by now farmers from 8 regions of Ukraine can benefit from this instrument.


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