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Farmers received UAH 934 million against crop receipts in Agroprosperis Bank

Farmers received UAH 934 million against crop receipts in Agroprosperis BankToday marks 5 years since Agroprosperis Bank has been lending against financial crop receipts. On February 2, 2016, we became the first Ukrainian bank to start financing with this new instrument for Ukraine. Over these 5 years, Ukrainian small and medium farmers have received UAH 934 million from Agroprosperis Bank secured by the future harvest in the form of an crop receipt.

Our goal is to provide access to financing for small agricultural producers, therefore helping them to become more efficient, sustainable and successful. Crop receipts are a convenient tool adapted to the specifics of agrarian business and it opens many opportunities for farmers:

  • to get money if you do not have enough collateral, because the collateral for cropreceipts is the future harvest, which may not even be sown.
  • to get more financing due to lower collateral coverage compared to a classic loan.
  • to freely choose suppliers of goods and services for agricultural production.
  • to purchase equipment on credit without a down payment, providing a crop receipt as additional collateral.

Discover new opportunities together with Agroprosperis Bank!

Read about how to get funding for agricultural receipts on our website in Loans to farmers section.

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