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-7% on Apple equipment from Visa

If you have been dreaming of a new gadget for a long time, now is a great time to buy it. After all, with a Visa card, you can save 7% of the cost of equipment.

Choose from a wide range of Apple products and buy modern equipment at a good price - from MacBook Air to Magic Mouse, and many other gadgets and accessories.

To save 7%, make a purchase from official Apple resellers in Ukraine and pay for it with a Visa card.

The promotion is valid from September 4-30, 2023 for holders of all Visa cards in ROZETKA, Comfy, "Citrus", "Foxtrot", "ALLO", iSpace, Vodafone, "Kyivstar", "KTS", "Epicentr K" and "TTT" stores ".

We wish you a successful shopping!

Read more about Visa bank cards from Agroprosperis Bank on our website.

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