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The work of the Bank's branches during the quarantine period

 We would like to inform you that today all branches of Agroprosperis Bank operate as usual.

 We take the necessary measures to protect the customers and employees of the bank - daily disinfect all the premises of the bank and monitor the health of employees.

 We urge you to take care of your health and follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

 1. If possible, stay home and do not visit crowded places

 2. Wash with soap or hand sanitizer and limit contact

 3. If you feel unwell, see your doctor

 4. Refrain from traveling abroad

 Detailed official recommendations are available at

 Our bank is monitoring the situation and, if necessary, will take additional measures, which will be promptly reported on the site and on Facebook.

 Wash your hands and stay calm!

 Be healthy!

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