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amount up to 100% of invoices
amount up to 100% of invoices



Terms of financing

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revolving or non-revolving line of credit up to 100% of the amount of the foreign economic agreement 0 or 3% under the terms of the state program "Affordable loans 5-7-9%" or on standard terms up to 5 years

The economic stability of the country is an extremely important factor in defeating the enemy. Despite extremely difficult challenges and unfavorable conditions, Ukrainian business is looking for opportunities to adapt and restore production in order to stabilize the state's economy and, after victory, become a driver of its reconstruction and development.
The restoration of Ukrainian exports will help ensure macroeconomic stability by expanding sales markets and inflowing foreign exchange earnings to the country. Today, many enterprises are reorienting themselves to export, but along with the difficulties of logistics in wartime conditions, the issue of available financial resources is particularly acute.
Agroprosperis Bank understands the importance of credit support for Ukrainian exporters, therefore it offers trade financing services and financing structuring for export credit agencies. We will help our exporters to optimize the management of working capital and liquidity by attracting funds to pay for imported goods or to export manufactured goods at lower rates and optimally structure payments with counterparties in accordance with the specifics of their business and the terms of concluded agreements.


Our borrower

  • Sole proprietor or legal entity

  • Participants and final beneficiary - residents of Ukraine

  • Is profitable for at least one of the last two reporting years

  • Receives up to UAH 100 million in revenue per year

  • Has no current overdue loans and lawsuits

  • Has received foreign exchange revenue for the last 12 months


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