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How to make payment by details

Payment by details is a transfer of funds to a bank account number in IBAN format. It is a common payment method that allows for secure financial transactions between different individuals or companies.



  • Safety. Each payment is checked manually by the bank, which makes it impossible to pay for invalid details or fraud.
  • No commission. Mostly, banks do not charge a commission for transfers to arbitrary details, unlike P2P transfers.
  • Large transaction limits. Thanks to its safety, transfers by details can be made for fairly large amounts.


  • It is necessary to know and fill in a lot of recipient data.
  • Payment by details requires more time for processing (up to 3 banking days).


Data of the recipient, necessary for making the transfer:

  • Surname, patronymic of a private person or name of a legal entity;
  • IBAN current account number (29 characters without spaces);
  • RNOKPP of a private person or EDRPOU or TIN of a legal entity.

In addition to the recipient's data, a detailed payment destination must be filled in, which will simplify the identification of your payment. Recipients often specify which data should be included in the assignment.

It is important to enter all the entered data accurately and check it before making the payment to avoid possible errors.


Payment by details can be made:

  • in a bank branch;
  • in online banking;
  • in self-service terminals or on the sites of payment services (a fee will be charged on the side of the payment service).


Payment by details in the AP Bank Agroprosperis Bank application

Payment by detailsIn the AP Bank application, click the "Transfers" button in the lower menu bar and select the type of transfer "By details". In the window that opens:

  • select the card or account from which funds will be transferred;
  • fill in the details of the recipient;
  • specify the purpose of the payment;
  • specify the transfer amount;
  • click "Transfer".
Oleksiy Kiyashko Deputy head of the SME and retail business department

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