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Go for a tasting of fish delicacies at the restaurants of the Chornomorka chain

Get a fish compliment at Chornomorka restaurants using the premium card Visa Infinite from Agroprosperis Bank!

To take advantage of this offer, book a table in the Chornomorka chain of restaurants through Visa Concierge and receive a compliment from the establishment in the form of an Odessa-style Forshmak appetizer.

The restaurant chain "Chornomorka" is noted for its unique feature - its own wharf with fishing. It is this approach that allows her to deliver fresh fish and seafood to restaurants and markets throughout Ukraine for 10 years.

Restaurants and mono-product formats of establishments of the "Chornomorka" chain are always provided with fresh products for meals.

Have a nice rest!

The offer is available to holders of Visa Infinite premium cards.

The promotion is valid until December 31, 2024.

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