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Pay on the go with Garmin Pay and an Agroprosperis Bank card

Pay on the go with Garmin Pay and an Agroprosperis Bank cardPay even if your hands are busy with a Garmin watch and a Visa card from Agroprosperis Bank. Thanks to the Garmin Pay, a contactless payment service, you no longer need to take out your wallet or phone, just hold your wrist near the card reader - and the transaction is complete.

Garmin watches are the ideal solution for professional athletes and active people who are constantly on the move, and thanks to the Garmin Pay service, you don’t have to stop even to make a payment. At the same time, all payment information is reliably protected, because the Visa security system replaces your card data with a unique token.

Download the Garmin Connect mobile app in Google Play or AppStore, set a password and add the Agroprosperis Bank payment card to your virtual wallet. From now on, your wallet is always with you!

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