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Agroprosperis Bank's partnership program for the purchase of Kharkiv Tractor Plant farm equipment

Agroprosperis Bank continues to expand the list of its partnership programs for agricultural producers. Bank’s new partner is HTZ Trading House, the exclusive distributor of one of the largest machine-building enterprises in Ukraine – Kharkiv Tractor Plant.

Our joint program is a great opportunity to purchase high quality, reliable and functional farm equipment on favorable terms:

✅ at reasonable prices

✅ for up to 5 years

✅ at the rate of 0.01% per annum in USD and from 1.95% per annum in UAH

✅ no mandatory down payment

✅ with state compensation of 25% of the cost of equipment.

More details on the site: https://ap-bank.com/en/partnership-programs/htz

Today Agroprosperis Bank has already signed 35 preferential partnership programs for lending for the purchase of farm equipment, inputs and fuels and lubricants.

Buy new equipment and increase yields together with Agroprosperis Bank!

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