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New agrarian records of Ukraine

New agrarian records of Ukraine The grain marketing year 2019-2020 ended on June 30, and Ukrainian farmers can be rightfully proud of its results!

This year the country has achieved historical records:

  • 98 million tons of grain and oilseeds production, which in the last three years exceeded the mark of 90 million tons, and 5 years ago was at the level of only 64 million tons
  • 62 million tons of crops were sent to foreign markets, while compared to last year, exports of wheat increased by 31%, corn - by 1%, barley - by 35%
  • $ 9.6 billion export revenues and 2nd place in the ranking went to Ukraine, leaving behind Argentina, Russia and Brazil and second only to the United States.

Congratulations to Ukrainian agricultural producers with these impressive results!

Agroprosperis Bank is inspired by the success of our farmers and grows and develops together with them. This grain year we achieved our own records - we financed Ukrainian agriculture by UAH 705 million.

Read more about our credit programs for farmers on our website in the section Loans to farmers. Let's move to new victories together! ☺

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