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The National Bank of Ukraine launched a special portal Financial defense of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine launched a special portal Financial defense of UkraineThe country's financial system operates in wartime. And, of course, there are temporary changes in its work that it is important for citizens to know about.

The National Bank of Ukraine launched a special portal for citizens "Financial Defense of Ukraine". The portal contains information on the conditions of use of financial services during martial law.

The portal will be useful for Ukrainians staying in Ukraine and abroad.

Key issues of the portal are:

1. Operations with foreign and national currency during martial law in Ukraine.

  • Cash settlements: limits on cash withdrawals from accounts, alternative methods of cash withdrawal, how to safely withdraw cash in areas threatened by occupation by the aggressor state, exchange of cash hryvnia abroad.
  • Non-cash payments: how non-cash payments are made in Ukraine, restrictions on cross-border transfers.
  • Buying / selling foreign currency.
  • Export of currency values ​​abroad.

2. Payment cards:

  • how to order or reissue a payment card if bank branches do not work;
  • what to do if your payment card is lost.

3. Features of loan servicing during martial law:

  • key changes in loan servicing;
  • credit vacations and their benefits.

4. Deposits: whether it is possible to withdraw the deposit and under what conditions.

5. Fraud:

  • basic tips on cybersecurity in wartime;
  • fraudulent schemes during martial law: what exist and how to protect yourself.

The portal also contains information on the work of bank branches, insurance systems, the activities of credit unions during martial law.

Link to the portal:

Keep the link to the site and be aware of any changes.

Все буде Україна! 

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