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Comprehensive banking services for legal entities and self-employed persons

Comprehensive banking services for legal entities and self-employed persons

From October 1, 2021 year in JSC "AP BANK" comes into force a public offer for banking services in accordance with the Rules on comprehensive banking services in the JOINT STOCK COMPANY "AGROPROSPERIS BANK" for  legal entities, separate subdivisions of legal entities, sole proprietors and individuals, performing an independent professional activity.

Under the terms of these Rules, the Bank will serve:

  • Current accounts
  • Corporate cards
  • Invoices on demand
  • Accepting payments
  • Remote banking service
  • Placement of deposits
  • Settlements with individuals according to the statement

From now on, the provision of services in AP Bank will become more comfortable and environmentally friendly, as the time for concluding the contract will be significantly reduced and the amount of paper consumed will be reduced by more than three times.

You can get acquainted with the provisions of the Rules of comprehensive banking service in JOINT STOCK COMPANY  "AGROPROSPERIS BANK" on our website in the Documents section.

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